Ten Commandments of the Birthing Power


Pre-requisite: Perhaps it may be a bit early to start thinking of the future vision in the middle of the obstetrics crisis, where the midwives services are being cut down and where those brave women deciding to give birth at the comfort and safety of their home are almost considered criminals; and all of this rotting under a powerful lobby of (mostly male) obstetricians and anaesthesiologists. However, I do think it is the right time to change the way we think about these things (because this is the best place to start). No matter how metaphorical or unrealistic (at this point in time) they may seem, take them as the best advice to the next century. And to all my caring and attentive readers, I would recommend closing your eyes, imagining and visualizing the things you’ve just read about. There is no path towards the birthing power, the birthing power is the Path.

I.  They’ll get all they want. The number of women who listen to their natural instincts and give birth to healthy, happy and undamaged babies in peace and joy (which is more often at home or at a safe place – or even as in the old times “on the pile of hay”) is ever increasing.  And even though at present it looks like something from a sci-fi movie, it is the only sensible option to keep the humanity from the catastrophic doom. It is time to uncover the hidden (esoteric) secret of the birthing power.

II. Like the beginning, like the end. While the vast majority of us was born as unplanned or unwanted children (where the conception itself was random and unplanned), and right after the birth in a hospital they took us away from our mothers, a typical Indian woman would during her pregnancy meditate on good character traits of her future baby… She doesn’t do this only when she’s 3 months pregnant, nor is she starting to think about it when she’s making love to her partner with the intention to conceive, but much sooner than that: she’s already sending loving thoughts to her baby even before her eggs travel down her fallopian tubes to be fertilized.

III. Babylon. Confusion – because this is what is happening in our hospital maternity wards – it is simply a miscomprehension of powerful processes in existence that we (dedicated to the modern scientific society) have forgotten about. However, the real human beings in us will remember all of it when we’re presented with an opportunity. Because birth, as the process of start of a new life is not only physiological event but also very much spiritual and energy event provided it is uninterrupted or stopped, and where a woman is re-born into a spiritual being with powers to be envied by Luke Skywalker (and every mother to be should be honoured and welcomed with greeting “May the birthing power be with you”).

IV. Respect and be respected. Surely not by a coincidence the males of many cultures used to honour the female principle with a deep respect, and sometimes helped the females at birth giving (kuvade). Surely not by a coincidence is the orgasm experienced at love making similar to orgasm at birth giving (a kind of leading frequency synchronizes the body processes and its parts to work together which results in an overwhelming feeling of unity of all). Surely not by a coincidence a major part of Indian and Tibetan tantrists experience nirvana by using their trained sexual (birthing) organs. And surely not by a coincidence an average woman (as well as the whole society) has so many problems – the mythical birthing power can easily be disrupted or blocked.

V. Temples of Birth. It’s about time to start imagining (and taking into consideration) that hospital maternity wards, where the miracle of birth happens, can really be the temples of the future spiritual energy. Obstetricians will be able to observe and soak up the intense, Nature and God given birthing spirituality (saturated with joyful energy and bliss)… around the temple of Birth (or whatever they will be named) will be satellite quarters and villages including small meditation rooms where the apprentices of spirituality (whether they’re individuals, students of theology or philosophy, or even top company managers, writers or thinkers) will be able to open themselves to this unique and divinely creative and spiritual (birthing) power.

VI. Being an obstetrician will be a highly prestigious occupation and the top positions will only be achieved by those who will show and prove their deepest empathy, patience and spiritual potential. The obstetricians, by virtue of their role will be positively saturated with birthing energy and after several years of practice be called into all possible birthing councils on all levels and in all areas of human societies. And because the women are naturally more empathic, while at the same time having the advantage of experiencing birth giving themselves) – these mothers and wise women will naturally fill the role in at least half of the law-giving institutions or councils.

VII. On the right Path. The nursery workers and teachers (better rewarded for their role in society) will be able to soak up the positive energy of naturally born and happy children. Surely one of those (in)genius children (or maybe an inventor struck and inspired by the birthing power) will come up with some way of measuring the intensity of birthing power… the state then could set up some sort of reward system for mothers of the strongest energy radiating children.

VIII. Send your visions to the birth heaven! The fact that we regard births as very painful and bloody surgery requiring illness is our own self-fulfilling prophecy (we get what we subconsciously want!). On the other hand once we start regarding births in a positive light and think about the existence and usability of the birthing power, we will be able to change our way of thinking and our future reality. Imagine that.

IX. The more you give the more you get. This is the status of our economy and society: because the birthing power (just like any natural force) obeys the laws of the universe, its intensity decreases further away from the source – this would mean that the meditation rooms located close to the maternity ward will be the most sought after as well as be most expensive. And just like the Czech Office of Statistics recently acknowledged and registered the Church of Jedi Knights thus enabling their fans to officially join their religion; perhaps they should also acknowledge and officially register the Movement of The Birthing Power.

X. Concept of natural living: At the end, once we live in the new birthing age, all of the naturally born, super intelligent, happy and good-natured children will be able to “play” for the rest of their lives – perhaps playing being obstetricians and enabling natural births… Boys will naturally want to promote natural births or be obstetricians enabling them. All of us will know that the most important and divinely creative power can be naturally found in every healthy mother and in temples of Birth and their close surroundings.

Let the birthing power be with you and guide you for ever.