More and more women seem to have become more ruthless in their ways these days. They act and live (perhaps under the influence of mass advertising) more and more selfishly. Regardless of what their partners feel and the way they are. They demand to have their rights at any cost (and families fall apart because of their “rights”) and don’t see that all they’re doing is rather contra productive. They refuse to understand that the way of the world begins with them. And even though I know that these concerns of mine won’t be read by those who should read them, nevertheless (to counterbalance the power of advertising, gossip magazines, etc.) I’ll try it one more time.

Another women I know, size-wise tiny, (and previously) very nice, loving and caring woman has changed completely (due to motherhood? Or because of the pressure of our gender separated society? Or was it due to hormonal changes?). Now, she set her mind on changing her husband who is more and more under her thumb.

I just want to make it clear: there is no victory for me in hearing about yet another man who married his wife without really knowing her first (F. Nietzsche: Even the smartest man buys the wife in the bag) and I’m definitely not pleased to hear that I have been right all along to warn about those things (in this case it was the increasing trend of Czech women to be emancipated – meaning: being more demanding toward the others but never toward themselves). On the contrary, I would be very pleased if someone has done something (and anything) to prevent the things I warned about from happening (at least in that person’s own individual case).

Many women tend to abuse the men’s desire to be their “knight riding the white horse” and male chivalry although they are no ladies themselves by any stretch of imagination: just try to imagine some medieval lady who is commanding an army of archers, conquering the castles or managing a medium sized company or a bank and giving orders to the (modern) army of men.

I admit that it is extremely difficult to resist the pressure of the society (or advertising campaigns and gossip magazines). There is certain inevitability that women will never be fully satisfied, whether it’s due to a dictate of our society to keep telling them “this one’s better, that one’s the best” (may it be a thing, service or a partner) or the ever increasing opportunities to exchange the “dysfunctional” product (or partner) for a new one. Notice that nothing gets repaired anymore, it’ll just get thrown away and changed for new one. And the women never seem to be happy – with their periods, bodies or their partners – would you like a pair of new (bigger, smaller or just different) breasts? You can buy them.

 It’s just like the story of a poor fisherman who fishes out a magic goldfish: women are (and will) never be happy with what they have now. After one plastic surgery they go for another one, after a divorce they’re unable to find and keep functional relationship (since they ran away from their crisis rather than resolving the real problem, they have never learnt to handle the misunderstandings in the relationships or handle their own egos), after giving birth through a caesarean section they opt for yet another one (and their daughters in the next generation will repeat the same mistakes again). They will never be able to accept and respect their own bodies (and their own personalities), let alone personalities so different like a man’s.

But all that huge, almost global misunderstandings, and all the big mistakes of politicians are also the mistakes of the individual people in their everyday lives (it simply mirrors the same situation)… But there is a common element to this ruthlessness of women towards men, companies and corporations towards their customers, greediness of bankers who make sure they get big fat bonus before they take the fall. The evolution has not prepared us for the times of luxury and power; we simply haven’t got the appropriate “brakes” to apply.

Headline on newspapers says “I’ve got a right to demand luxury” and right underneath it is written something I’ve been saying for good few years: “The west has enjoyed a ‘democratization of luxury’ and now it’s clear it was way overdone and could never have been sustainable”. French director Jean-Pierre Jeune said: “Do you watch TV? Watching all the news, it’s almost impossible to be proud to be human. Historically, first there were insects, then animals and only then the humans. My sympathies to all live beings are in exactly the same order. But I am an optimist, and I’ve got a feeling that it won’t be too long before people kill one another until there’s no one left. Then the planet earth would be saved”. 

Why am I generalizing? Because it is known since the times of Greek philosophers that a family forms the basis of the country, and that the home(ly) atmosphere is predominantly created by women. An old Chinese saying goes (surely based on thousands of years of experience) that if a person has a light in his heart and soul, he radiates a true beauty. And if a person radiates a true beauty, his home is filled with peace and harmony. And if his home is full of peace and harmony, that has a positive impact on the whole nation. And if there is a peace and order within a nation then there is a peace and order in the whole world.

Of course, there have always been some ruthless and greedy men (especially those in power), but their women (wives and daughters) used to be their ‘brakes’, served purposed of some sort of insurance. Nowadays, the women are more and more greedy (don’t radiate their beauty). Their hypertrophied egos, with no regards to the others (in their partnership or relationship) have more and more demands. To take, not to give. To compete and to win, not to care.

I wrote about it few times before and I mention it regularly at my seminars and workshops that women should have a licence for their ruthless and hurtful remarks. And now in newspapers I finally found this: “While the men terrorize us with their untidiness, us women are undefeatable in verbal terrorism” – written by two female columnists. “We have asked our male friend what was the worst thing he’s ever heard from women and he came up with his top 7: first place took a sentence (we have to admit that we use it every now and then, or frequently): Do you love me?; Second place took a sentence that one of his lovers said before their first sex: Now, show me what you’ve got!; Third place: You can’t understand it, you’re a man!, fourth place: All men are the same; fifth place: I need to be looked after well; sixth place: I think you should always make time for me; and last but not least: Entertain me.

And I would say, that majority of the women nowadays are more foolish than they appear, because they just keep trying to replace the million years of magic of natural birth of the new life, or their functional and good relationships (with no regards to the others) by the increased consumption of everything they can lay their hands on (and set their minds on). Many women simply stopped caring about the people around them (relatives or friends), which is a gift given to women by evolution and which offers natural feeling of happiness and satisfaction as a reward for their care; but instead they more vehemently and ruthlessly enforce their “right” to demand the care of others.

Ladies, you should know that no amount of plastic surgeries, endless shopping sprees, change of partners or any number of hurtful and down putting remarks to men, any number of smoked cigarettes or bargained blouses and skirts (new cars, houses or holidays to seaside), will ever make you happy.