Seasonal Biology


It makes me smile: the science has trouble naming (especially) those claims and phenomena that were so long disregarded and hated as a pseudo-science. As one well known Czech obstetrician Dvorak claimed in a discussion with another doctor specializing in psychosomatic impacts on humans – if it’s not measurable, it does not exist. Then called mysticism is now called spirituality and the astrology (i.e. the reason why people born in different months have different behavioural tendencies) is now scientifically called the seasonal biology. Without any further ado, see citations from an article I came across that made me smile like an unexpected Christmas present.

Mention the term “astrology” and the sceptics in scientific circles are having an epileptic fit. The mere thought that the personality traits could be imprinted on a person at the time of birth (influenced by the position of sun, moon and the planets of our solar system) was long rejected as charlatanism by the so called “scientific community”. The scientific community which a priori refuse any suggestions of holistic (organic) dependency between the individuals and the universe (we all live in). Conventional scientists don’t believe that a position of moon has anything to do with life on earth. However, they forget or flatly deny the simple truths that farmers knew for ages – that sowing seeds or planting the living plants into soil in harmony with the moon cycles results in a higher yield. Even the people are influenced by the moon cycles – for instance female period and moon cycles are firmly synchronized (both repeat themselves periodically in circa 28 days).

The sceptics must now be going mad, especially after the results of the new experiment were published in the Nature Neuroscience magazine (the experiment was performed by Vanderbilt University), which has provided an undeniable support to the scientific proof for the basic principles of astrology; specifically, that the position of planets does in fact influence our personalities. Based on this study, the month of birth has a provable effect on the personality traits as well as the functional differences in the brain which the scientists have successfully and scientifically measured. This study has been tested by comparison of behaviour of mice born in winter and mice born in summer. The winter born mice consistently showed a slow-down in their daily activities in comparison to summer born mice. They were also significantly susceptible to showing symptoms of the SAD (seasonal affective) disorder – also known as winter depression or winter blues.

The study was performed by Professor Douglas McMahon, Karen Gamble and their students (Chris Ciarlegio and two others). None of them have or had any inclination towards astrology. But they do believe in science which was one of the reasons that the results of the study were stated in very scientific terms; despite evidently supporting the principles of astrology.

Chris Ciarlegio said: the fact that the imprinting affects behaviour of the neuron rotation cycles in the central biological clock (circadian rhythms) in the brain and thus affecting the behaviour of the animals is “particularly striking”.

Needless to say, that this is one of the fundamental principles of astrology. The position of planets at the time and date of your birth (which can be translated as “season” of your birth) can result in physiological differences in brain which will affect a person’s lifetime behavioural tendencies. For the scientifically educated people, this idea may sound absurd until they find out for themselves – of course then it will sound as a scientific fact. Instead of calling it (as it has always been called) astrology, they named it “seasonal biology”.

To understand astrology, we first need to understand the fundamental concepts of the dependent relationships of all living things. Does the position of the sun and the moon affect life on earth? Well, of course it does: the moon is rotating in position with the earth thus preventing the earth’s rotation axis to shift to the point where the seasonal changes in temperatures would make the life as we know it much more difficult, if not impossible. In other words, the moon is the key stabiliser of changing of the seasons on earth by keeping it on the stable rotation level.

The theory that an electron is a piece of physical matter, consisting of other particles is an insult to the true science. The naked truth about matter is that particles physics has not much to do with the actual particles. It is mostly about energies, which can vibrate in the way that under certain circumstances they appear as illusionary particles (as it was measured by the above mentioned scientists – scientists who inevitably revolutionize the result of the whole study by confirming the correlation of the matter in our universe, including themselves and their own experiment).

The individual horoscopes characteristics, just like the scientific approach with regards to the definition of an atom, are a simplified version of the greater truth – the truth, that we all live in a holistic (organic) universe where every piece of physical matter and every part of energy affects everything within the universe. Nothing, and no individual are (or can ever be) fully isolated from the rest of things. Everything affects everything – in subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) ways. We are all part of the same universe, we live in the universe and we physically manifest ourselves through the energies that are represented as living beings, in our lives.

Carl Sagan used to say (and he is right): not only that we are created from the universe’s matter, we are also influenced by this matter. Thankfully, the modern science finally begins to understand this greater truth which has been known by astrologists from the dawn of human civilization of our own little earth.