Ten conditions (of the journey to the real womanhood)


The whole society, as well as myself need (spiritual) women. We and I seem to be searching for them (unsuccessfully) – I mostly find, meet and hear about those who are merely starting, or about those who have been incorporating the spiritual ways into their lives for years but the circumstances forced them to behave in a masculine way (in the current masculine driven society they „wear trousers“ in order to be heard and make things happen). I offer the below described „tens“ for similar reasons as I do in other areas, be it music, Tibetan singing bowls, overtone singing or natural births: I am trying to suggest the ways in which these (perfectly feminine) differently thinking and reacting women could be educated.

The perfectly feminine (healthy, intuitive, accommodating and comforting) woman should:

1)      Be naturally and orgasmically born (wanted by her mother and being sung to for the whole pregnancy period) because this is the only optimal way for a baby to start and have happy and healthy life.

2)      Be praised throughout her whole childhood (and ideally brought up living in a village with a nearby forest). By the time she reaches her 7th year of age her full emotional structure will be firmly in place for the rest of her life.

3)      Be educated by and learning through games (ideally in some sort of Waldorf or other alternative school withouth too much rush and stress), because this is the only way a child will learn the art of losing and how to learn from life experiences.

4)      Be taught mathematics, as well as meditation directly by experienced and matured women, or from books written by women (woman’s brain is different than man’s but just as efficient as long as it’s not blocked).

5)      A girl’s first period should be celebrated with her family and girlfriends as this will start up positive relationship she will have to her body and maternity, as well as sex (and trouble-less pregnancy).

6)      Live her puberty years in a calm and supportive atmosphere of appreciation that her brain is changing (she doesn’t know what’s happening to her, and the more tolerant her environment will be the easier her puberty and more positive outcome will be too).

7)      Know, from her school years, about how to handle her emotions and about the differences between men and women, as well as about the dangers of advertising (mainly in television and magazines) as they are difficult for woman’s brain to ignore (due to better connection between both brain hemispheres in women).

8)      Know, from her school years, about advantages of positive thinking, the necessity of pre-birth preparation and good effects of singing throughout her whole (wanted) pregnancy period (for example mantras, those that sing about positive character traits of her future child) and to relax and enjoy it. Positive mind of pregnant woman is the alfa and omega for optimal development of the baby and for healthy and natural birth.

9)      Use the art of meditation and communicate with her yet unborn child. Her whole pregnancy period can be a perfect meditation and health spa (stem cells of the baby have the ability to heal even long term health problems of its mother).

10)  Give birth naturally, in a small birthing house or at home, ideally only in a company of dula or qualified midwife (as the complications at birth increase with the number of people present at birth), and best orgasmically. And further steps and recommendations start again from point 1.

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