Pandora’s Pill


 The contraception in general, and specifically the hormonal contraception, has been hailed as a tool which supported the sexual freedom of women – such is opinion of most feminists and other experts. Not only young girls, but women in general are exposed to mass manipulation which is now reaching its peak. It’s now a third generation of women reluctant to see the link between the Pill, the militant feminism or their increasingly vulgar speech – before you ask, yes they are linked, and more than we’d like to admit.

 I’ve already mentioned the complex (and evolutionary perfect) female system of “deciphering”the genetic information in male feromones, so that the woman knows almost instantly whether the man she just met would be a suitable partner for her (i.e., is compatible with her). However the hormonal contraceptives (in most of the cases it is the Pill) switches this system off and as a result women are no longer able to “tell” the compatibility of their partner with themselves, often choosing the “wrong” one.

 The new “inventions” in health and medicine are often accepted by the general public without questioning the long term effects or life changes they’ll bring to their lives. They often have a catch, as it was in the case of 18 year old student who wanted to work as an au pair inAustralia. After the long flight she developed a bad cough and died 10 days later of pulmonary embolism. As it was found out later, she had a specific genetic mutation which put her health at risk. Prior to her leaving to Australia, her doctor routinely prescribed the Pill but never asked about any risk factors in her family. The Pill in combination with the long flight subsequently contributed to her untimely death.

 The modern society kind of expects the young girls/women to be on the Pill (marketing usually involves the phrase “it’s in your own interest”, meaning to protect them from unwanted pregnancy) however this creates a certain pressure on women – as per Teresa Tara, the author of the documentary movie Hormonal Aquarium (2007): Young girls don’t necessarily know their periods (or themselves) too well. And once they start taking the hormonal contraceptive, they’ll lose their chance to do so.. She also adds: I am convinced that a woman is in perfect balance; in harmony with herself if she’s in harmony with her own period. It provides her with a depth of understanding and perception, energy and intuition. Women who take hormonal contraception reject the last barrier of their natural self, just as their periods on the Pill are not natural. They lose their own natural femininity and are more likely to be influenced by the environment and people around them.

 I’d like to say this one more time, so that my message is heard: the Pill switches off woman’s ability to subconsciously pick the right partner for her (being one of the reasons why so many women tend to choose wrong partners for themselves, their relationships suffer and end up in divorce or break up, or/and women just don’t feel it’s time to have a family. The nations are slowly dying out due to gradual decrease in birth rates). It seems that the more materially richer we are, the less happy and fulfilled we feel. We enjoy our little “ freedoms”of choices of the material world but how many of us feel truly happy? My warning is to think twice before choosing the quick solution in all areas of life – be it fashion, new gadgets, foods, cosmetics or DDT, hormonal contraception or nuclear plants. Quick solutions rarely work in our favour and what we get instead and in the long run are our own bitter “pills”of lessons we need to learn.