The Weaver


As I’ve mentioned previously, many spiritually advanced people are able to synchronize, or „plan“ their innermost wishes and dreams into the reality of their lives. People like that are no strangers to power of positive thinking and the impact it has on their lives. In other words, they make their dreams happen (but all „wishes“ are a little bit ego driven), to the surprise of others who often shrug shoulders and sigh „they must be the lucky ones“. Well, take this as an inspiration, if you will, and I will let you in on my secret of how I learned to „weave“ the cloth of my life. The (future) patterns of what people call „fate“ or „luck“ were constructed by my conscious choices and actions – every single one of them. I have „weaved“ events that didn’t seem like having any connection to my dreams whatsoever, but eventually turned out to be the right choice at the right time and proved fruitful long time afterwards..

Most people, especially those who are not afraid to give in to their intuition (artists of all kind), don’t like to talk much about their plans or ongoing projects – supposedly so that they don’t jinx them. I always thought (and observed through my life) that the contrary seemed true: everytime I talked about my plans and hopes for something specific in the future it felt like wishing for it (making up my mind about it) sort of started it up. I later started consciously practising the same – I’d visualize (positive thinking – remember?) how I’m achieving my goal. I never made any secret of what I was after, and each time I mentioned to anybody, my thoughts were more focused and I could see / visualize the finer detail and the synchronicity of my thoughts and wishes have always translated into real life. Have you never had an experience of finally mentioning a dream of yours to somebody, maybe just a little moan and you’d hear back „why didn’t you say anything!“ he may just know someone, or have something (even just an information that you can use) –  I say: luck comes to those who are ready.

For me, the process is similar to working within your dreaming (lucid dreaming) – it‘s not about directly changing specifics of your dream, it’s more like changing the atmosphere, the feeling (or your attitude, if you like) and the „mood“ of your dream changes and suddenly you find yourself in a different setting, safe and happy… or anything else you want. I see it like an architect – he wouldn‘t start designing the smallest details of the house until he has the general idea of a frame and space, only then the detail can be placed within it.

As much as you may think it’s a bit far fetched, the feedback of our own wishes, plans and actions works perfectly all the time (you get back what you send out, be it a mere thought). And I wish that we were more aware of it, and that our thoughts were focused on the positive – because it really matters. What you fill your life with, that’s what your life will be like – fill it with bad thoughts, worrying, anger, frustrations and it will be exactly like that. It’s you making these decisions every day of your life, and every little thing matters – don’t you know that big things consist of small ones? Indeed small ones are easier to change, so do it, feel it everyday little by little as you let the good things happen to you too.  If the words of our thoughts consist mainly of the negative, our brain works well and we subliminally program ourselves to expecting something bad.. And guess what, the brain which is well trained in thinking about bad things will instantly recognize them everywhere (at the end of the day, that is what you feed it all the time) and may not notice that something nice happened, too (it’s not used to it). Every one of us is the weaver of your own life, eventhough we weave it without knowing and realizing all impact we make, most of the time.

I accept the argument that genetics and upbringing play a significat role in everyone’s life (as well as ideological or economical impacts) but the trick is to be able to manage your own thoughts (well, who should do it if not you?). If you manage to sort your thoughts and clear your mind, you’re not standing in your own way and you’re able to see things more clearly. Your life situations will clear themselves as a result if you’re honest to yourself shaking off all fake illusions and expectations that are nothing but limitations. Why not count on them in advance: you will make mistakes, however each time you will learn from it and never repeat it again (only if you lie to yourself you will likely fall into the same trap again – how would you want to get out of it if you never admit you’re in it?) By selectively choosing the good things, and not give power to the bad things in life, your view and thinking will be streamlined and focused on what is important to you.

I’ll take this from a different angle, if a pregnant woman chooses to think (meditate) of future happiness of her child and her own good and smooth childbirth, the childbirth itself is more likely to go as „planned“, i.e. as she created it in her mind. Remember ever hearing anyone saying „I simply decided it was going to be this way, and there was simply no other way“ and whatever it was happened exactly like that – their firm belief (with no grain of doubt) has created the whole experience beforehand subconsciously, so when the time came, their mind and their bodies reacted exactly in the way they „pre-programmed“ themselves (by their focused positive thoughts). Unfortunately the same works the other way round – someone who always worries and keeps thinking „hope nothing bad happens“ (notice the word „bad“) is pre-programming himself to recognize instantly when something „bad“ whatever it is, is to happen. So a future mother-to-, protective of her own internal balance and wellbeing (despite all the possible health warnings) keeps herself (her mind and body) in harmony with evolution and nature; the nature gave her all she needs to give birth to the future buddha, and if there happens to be any complication she will be able to deal with it easily. She will not try to overrule her own instincts with lots of contradicting advices and (mostly) negative experiences described to her by her friends (unfortunately, they may have been negatively impacted by their friends/mothers’s bad experiences without  or before having their own).

I would simplify it by saying that „she would enjoy the childbirth“ but the verb „enjoy“seems to bear slightly negative connotation these days as if enjoying something means being selfish. The natural childbirth will start up all the necessary processes for bonding between her and her child and the complex hormonal cocktail that will provide her with deep maternal instinct and love in their true sense. The women become the true goddesses in every sense of the word. None can become a „goddess“ by attending a „weekend goddess workshop“, it’s a nonsense. Just like you can not win true peace by fighting and killing – it’s a nonsense to fight for peace, the meaning of these two words is contradictory. There is no peace in fighting, no matter how much the politicians try to rationalize it. Sometimes I see advertising – woman looking to meet a man stating „divorced, but not by my fault“ – as if she was not part of the marriage?

 I’ve always been clear and open about my plans far in advance of them even being realized (like for instance, to find my zen master, or to study zen, learn to play indian tabla, female body or overtone singing) and so by thinking about it, dreaming about it, visualizing it, I have bit by bit weaved the cloth of my future. I have learned to become the weaver of my life.