Seminar Goddess Syndrome


I have already written about it several times, however, no-one seem to have grasped and understood the hidden danger. Therefore, I feel it is of importance to write about the danger of addiction again because there is a real danger. As it is with gambling or alcoholism, also the “Seminar Goddess Syndrome” should be treated as a lifelong threat to the common sense and reason of such ‘addicted’ women. Would you say I’m exaggerating? But what if I am right?

Let me say it again: it’s exactly the same thing as with drinking alcohol, kleptomania, addiction to sweets, nicotine or with anorexia. A brain of such addicted person creates (misinterpreted and unrealistic) centres of pleasure which then bring illusionary reward in the form of endorphins every time a person orders another glass of wine (one more won’t hurt), places another bet (I’ve got to win today – I feel it), makes herself throw up that lovely cake devoured just a minute ago, feel good when stealing something small everyday or enjoys their daily dosage of emotions by watching their favourite TV soap operas.

And just as easy, through an illusion (and in the real danger of addiction) at the end of each such weekend seminar the ‘victim’ (let’s call this SGS – Seminar Goddess Syndrome) becomes a virtual Goddess herself (or at least THE woman).

The unbearable lightness of the illusion that at the end of such seminar (or once she’s eaten just one more cake, drink one more glass of wine, places just one more bet or plays lottery) she’ll be able to solve all crisis and failures in her life (or her feeling of inadequacy or ever present feeling of unhappiness with her partner or everyone else) and that she can now just be herself and be the Goddess; that illusion is inevitably addictive. Just like the illusion of success in a group of similarly affected women – it’s just so tempting (even though not all of them lose the plot completely and life brings them back to earth after few days)!

But just like a “cured” alcoholic, gambler or drug addict should know that all these addictions can not actually be cured completely (as doctors, psychologists or those who went through their own personal hell would tell you), they can only be treated and be alleviated, and that the symptoms will only diminish with a lifelong abstinence. Every woman should therefore know what danger lies in such fast paced weekend seminars for “goddesses”.

Because this isn’t so much about malfunction of a body as it is malfunction of a mind. If a “cured” alcoholic, who has not drunk for 10 years and none of the cells in his body “remember” the drinking days (because in about 7 years every cell in human body would be renewed), if he all of a sudden drinks just that one small glass or a shot, everything changes and he’ll be back to square one, in the same trap of alcoholism. The cells in his body don’t remember such habit or addiction; however the irremovable energy imprint in the database of his emotions and life experiences on the brain’s “hard disk” will work its course. Most people, especially young ones don’t understand that addiction is for the whole life.

I’m trying to hint that this process is similar to brainwashing. Women affected by SGS are obviously not aware that they are being manipulated, and they do really believe it. But like sisters Mauer (or the women in Charles Manson “Family” in 1969), these very much sane creatures with no indication of mental health problems were and are very much capable of cruelty to their own children, leaving their families without any warning or leave their well working relationships after they return from such “goddess” seminar.

In this sense, the prevention comes to mind in its full importance. For obvious reasons it is much easier to prevent the young ones getting their hands on alcohol, cigarettes or slot machines and so women should also be informed of the risks these courses and seminars are posing rather than trying to cure the consequences of such unbearable ignorance (or unbearable lack of care) by trying to find the magic bullet in the form of a weekend seminar on “How to become a goddess” (femme fatale or irresistible temptress).

But how would a woman (with SGS) be able to even realize the risks of these seminars if there isn’t a word about it anywhere? How could she prevent and protect herself against the ever present adverts for miraculous pills, rituals or seminars of shamanism, goddesses and Women who are trying to “be themselves”? How can she avoid hearing about all this from her girlfriends for instance who just came back from such ‘fast paced seminar of true womanhood’? This is simply impossible in the society which has not yet been able to even identify such syndrome, let alone tried to deal with it.

Who would ever be able to resist those names, for example: seminar “Wake up our inner goddesses”, “Time of goddess of love”, “Circle of women”– experience seminar of women’s and men’s tantras, “Every woman should be a goddess in herself”, “Discover your inner goddess of sex“, „Dance the dance of all faces of the goddess, from which every human woman is born”, “Awaking of goddess – 1 day intensive seminar”, “Celebration of the goddess (the seminar is taught by a man)”, “Daughter of the goddess Eset” – weekend seminar lead in the spirit of sufi, you will learn the secret of trinity of god and goddess”, “I became a goddess, the great mother”, “Know your inner goddess”, “Goddess Sofia and her legacy – seminar in a teahouse”, “The god and goddess within us – journey of the tantric pleasure” or “Goddess of sex in one weekend”? Wouldn’t you buy that?

And while (international) ‘conferences of goddesses’ will not harm those confident and sensible women which are for example women from western countries, compared to the women from Czech Republic (for example Czech female psychologists who studied in the communist era, now re-qualified and earning good money from the naivety of other women), such seminars introduce a significant but rarely foreseen risk for the naïve and uninformed participants, especially in the times of (financial, ecological or energy) crisis.

Just as is much easier and more effective (energy-wise or society-wise) not to get angry and then attend a seminar on “How to calm down your emotions”, it’s much easier and more effective simply to ignore such temptations than go for it and then feel unhappy (or become obnoxious and annoying person to your partner or families). Few days later this euphoria of being ‘the goddess’ will evaporate and the woman feels that she needs (to consume) more of that. And the SGS kicks off.

What are the main symptoms of SGS? For instance: being always unhappy (with your partner, sex life, clothes or dressing style, or life in general), particularly during PMS period it may be over-criticism and stroppiness (sometimes a feeling of hatred), loss of libido (especially towards your own partner), ever increasing obsession with the TV soaps, gossip magazines or gossiping with your (divorced) girlfriends and the increasing number of shamanism seminars, witches or goddesses, angel or goddess cards, books about witchcraft and magic and guaranteed sex, as well as increasing willingness to make drastic changes and at the same time much decreasing willingness to listen to logical arguments and reasoning of their partners shocked by the sudden change of attitude.

It is a paradox: even the well educated women unbearably easily succumb to the SGS and simply can’t understand that no seminar or magic bullet can resolve their long lasting problems, especially in such complex society as we live in nowadays. And so the vicious circle of spiralling illusions and tempting adverts that one weekend will solve years of being unhappy (including lack of reason, since the mind is doped up and switched off by brainwashing of the momentary feeling of happiness after such “goddess seminar”) is winning for now: if I’m not happy even after third seminar, then perhaps what I need is to increase the dosage; I’ll have the fourth and then a fifth.

Czech Republic is being threatened by the explosion of weekend seminars for goddesses.