From women to men (and to themselves)


Matemaste! This is what I’ve been waiting for for almost 50 years of my life. This is my last blog entry in section Men and Women of my blog on Finally, I feel I no longer need to warn, complain or plead with anyone. The internet is being flooded with video blogs where handful of women apologize to their men (husbands and boyfriends) for being insensitive and hurtful at times. One such woman has recently made me cry with happiness for admitting openly the truths I’ve known for a very long time. Truths about illusions, accusations and pure myths of unsolvable misunderstanding between men and women, which to this day and age are still present in many relationships.

The usual depictions and beliefs that women can’t read maps, or that they are emotional wrecks from planet Venus indicate that we still struggle to understand the underlying truth about men and women and no amount of shock inducing headlines or articles in colourful magazines can set things right – in fact, I think it’s getting worse.

I have written and published many warning blogs and books on this topic (examples – Hidden Femininity, Give birth to a Buddha, New Age of obstetrics). And I am hopeful that the below may be the beginning of global change of attitude of women to men in the (mostly) patriarchal society and eventually have larger positive impact on economy crisis in terms of minimizing competitive behaviour, and also on the way we treat our mother earth. I am ever so hopeful that historians in future may look on this event as an attempt of few brave and wise women to initiate the change. I hope I’m not the only one who understands the transformative potentials of the Velvet Revolution.

Ladies, read slowly please, sentence by sentence. Don’t react hastily to criticise, come back to each a read again and don’t be ashamed of tears of realisation…


I am woman who has been hurt by men. Our wounds feel deep and beg to be acknowledged, healed and nurtured. But I am also a woman who has hurt men. And their wounds need to be acknowledged, healed and nurtured. And I dream about a world where each one of us takes a little bit of hurt for the team world and cuts through the endless circle of blame and eye for an eye.

Today, I’d like to offer all men my most sincere sorry for all hurts I’ve caused them. I understand that it must be hurtful when someone considers you violent and potential rapist just because you’re a man. And that it must be also hurtful that your sexuality is hardly considered sacred and wonderful.

I also want to apologize for leading you on sometimes, seducing you, only to accuse you of just wanting sex from me. We, women, haven’t taught you anything about our own sexuality. We never stood up for our own desires and needs and simply expected you to guess what it is and give it to us.

Instead of being authentic and true, we played the game, including faking an orgasm to excuse our own frustrations, moodiness and eventually refusing to have sex with you. I deeply understand what kind of stress and anxiety must have such confusing behaviour caused you.

I realize that in our frustrations and pain we have put you down, we disrespected you and we despised you. I also realize that we have secretly tried to dominate you by manipulating you.

We learned to play games to provide to men’s ego what it needed, and so that we got what we wanted, instead of just saying it straight.

For hundreds of years you’ve been castrated by women, and women committed violence against you, like mothers who abuse unconditional love of their children to make their bidding against their husbands instead of being honest with themselves and resolving their own lack of love and fulfilling relationships. And also the mothers who taught their sons that boys don’t cry and strong men don’t show emotions thus shutting down your real self for the sake of appearances. I feel the weight of your un-cried tears in my heart.

I apologize for the lack of empathy from your own wives or girlfriends. In reality, we do truly love your energy.